Lane 8 at McMenamins Edgefield Concerts

Lane 8 Tickets

McMenamins Edgefield Concerts | Troutdale, Oregon

Are you ready for an unforgettable night everyone will be talking about? Yes, you guessed it – Lane 8 is coming to Troutdale ! Save the date – Saturday 17th September 2022 is going to be a evening you will remember! Lane 8 will infect McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts with their raw stamina and put up the greatest show of the year. On what is known to be their most supreme tour yet, Lane 8 promise their fans an epic Saturday night of entertainment. And what a more perfect venue to experience that than McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts, an absolute Orlando gem and an all-time favorite! Troutdale is losing their minds with anticipation for what will be without a doubt one of the most unforgettable nights of 2022 . Tickets are selling out fast so make sure you get yours! Click the button below and come join the crowd at McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts on Saturday 17th September 2022. It’s time to make memories!

Lane 8 at McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts

We are happy to announce that the McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts are Presenting the amazing music of Lane 8! The buzz of excitement is spreading all around Orlando as soon as word got out that this premier music event by Lane 8 is soon to hit the stage on Saturday 17th September 2022 at the McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts in Troutdale. Saturday night just got a hell of a lot more better! Lane 8 has become the talk of the town as of late. Great press reviews are spreading all over Orlando about Lane 8's latest hits. With that said, places could be gone anytime now. You certainly can't afford to miss this. So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and pick up your tickets ASAP!

Lane 8 at McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts

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