Parking at McMenamin’s Edgefield is free, close and convenient, but limited. Guests are strongly encouraged to carpool if at all possible, and it is advised that concert-goers arrive in plenty of time (at least one hour) before an event to avoid congestion and delays. Parking for concert-goers can be found in the East and West grassy field lots next to Edgefield. As the ground is uneven, please make sure to wear suitable footwear. Please be aware that the parking available directly in front of Edgefield is reserved for hotel guests and individuals with ADA parking passes only, and that any other paved parking areas at Edgefield are only available for guests who are not attending concerts.

Camping, camping trailers and RVs are not allowed and tailgating will not be permitted.

Although the grounds are patrolled by security staff, valuables are left at the car owner’s risk – it is not advised to leave valuables in your car.

The venue appreciates your patience when exiting the parking lots. The East parking lot has one entry/exit, which does get congested. If at all possible, the first cars to enter will be the first to exit.

The estimated exit time is 30-60 mins, depending on concert attendance. Concert-goers are welcome to stay on Edgefield property after a show to avoid the initial rush of congestion.