Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, McMenamin’s Edgefield Amphitheater is part of McMenamin’s Edgefield complex, which used to be known as Multnomah County Poor Farm. Opened in November 1911 as the largest county-funded relief institution in Oregon, the state-run farm was tasked with caring for the local poor, or “inmates” who supplied labour for the 300+-acre estate, which in turn supplied enough fruit, vegetables, dairy, hogs, and poultry raised on property to feed its own population, as well as the county hospital and jail. After seven decades as a poor farm, having had over 600 residents at its peak in 1931, the building fell on hard times, and by the 1980s had been closed and left in a state of disrepair.

The building was arranged to be demolished, but 1986, the Troutdale Historical Society challenged the decision to destroy all the buildings, and it was bought in 1990 by Brian and Mike McMenamin. Now, it is a stunning and well-loved resort that features Oregon’s premier music venue: McMenamin’s Edgefield Amphitheatre!

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