Lord Huron at McMenamins Edgefield Concerts

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McMenamins Edgefield Concerts | Troutdale, Oregon

If you want to experience the most unbelievable alternative music of 2021 that has been called “truly awesome” and “finest” by critics and fans alike, then clear your schedules and mark your calendars for Friday 24th September 2021. That will be the day that the illustrious McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts proudly hosts Lord Huron to their concert hall for a live show that will leave Troutdale, Orlando blown away. Not only is Lord Huron one of the best artists in the industry, but they also produce shows that are breathtaking and rated 5-stars because of their passion, energy, and finest talent. It’s easy to see why Lord Huron is the hottest music sensation that everyone is talking about and on Friday 24th September 2021 you have the chance to see them live. All you have to do is click the Buy Tickets button below and book your tickets today while supplies last!

Lord Huron at McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts

The hottest alternative bands only perform at the top venues in the country and the stunning McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts in Troutdale, Orlando stands out as one of the best. The venue offers guests and patrons everything they could want for an awesome night out on the town with friends or family. These benefits include quick parking and great bars just around the corner so you can start the night off with outstanding dining. But then all bets are off once you get past the front door, since the McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts is going to provide all of its visitors with anything they need to have the most unforgettable night of alternative music entertainment. No matter where you are, standing or seated, you’ll have a great view of the stage from every point of the house. You simply can’t go wrong with visiting the McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts. So order your tickets here, now!

Lord Huron at McMenamin's Edgefield Concerts

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